Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Natural Joy Vision at Young Place, Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok

My family was invited by my friend, Urapa (Joy) Watanachote, to her eye clinic, Natural Joy Vision, in Bangkok. It's located in a small business area at Sukhumvit 23, which is near the Interchange 21.

Her guru/consultant, Dr. Amajith Swain, showed us the way to the clinic one fine morning.

We took the light rail transit in Bangkok called 'BTS' and exit at Asoke station in Sukhumvit. We walked through Interchange 21 and then followed him to Young Place.

Map to Natural Joy Vision

Once we reached there, Joy took us to a nearby shop for breakfast. The girls had egg and rice while my wife and I had curry puff.

I enjoyed the Thai tea and curry puff. © Edward Chen Photography

Juicy Natural Life

After breakfast, we headed up to the eye clinic. Before we get into the clinic, we saw a signboard with a menu of various juices.

Juicy Natural Life menu of the week. © Edward Chen Photography

Behind the glass door, we saw the juice station manager, Jass, busy pouring a newly prepared juice into bottles. So we went in and I started taking photos.

Jass pouring fresh juice into bottles. © Edward Chen Photography
Carefully distributed. © Edward Chen Photography

The juice station aka Juicy Natural Life. © Edward Chen Photography
Capped. © Edward Chen Photography
Ready to be served. © Edward Chen Photography

The final product - Meanie Greanie Eyes. © Edward Chen Photography

Natural Joy Vision

As it's by appointment only, Joy was already busy with her clients before we arrived. A few minutes later after talking with Jass on how the juices were made, Joy told us that we could start our eye session soon and to get ready to be assessed by Dr. Amajith.

Dr. Amajith assessing the current condition of the eye. © Edward Chen Photography
Testing Aster's eyesight. © Edward Chen Photography
The basic idea is quite simple. Eyes works with your body, mind and brain. Wearing glasses may actually prevent a natural healing from occurring. So, the various planned exercises will integrate the eyes, body, mind and brain which will eventually stimulate natural healing of the eyes.

After the assessment has been done, we will go through those exercises.

The exercises are divided into four categories:*

1.Flexibility Exercises
Moving the body, from head, lower back and shoulder blades , as well as various techniques. They improve blood flow to the eye.

2.Vision Chart Techniques
Enhance visibility using an image provided by the training center.

3.Fusion String Technique
The focus combined with eye bead wires. The image with the left eye and right eye.

  •          Development work of the two eyes (to develop binocularity).
  •          Developments include the eyes converge toward each other (to develop convergence).
  •          The development focus of the eyes (to develop accommodation).

4.Massage and Relaxation
Helps the body relax, blood flow to the brain and eye rejuvenation.

*Google-translated from the Natural Joy Vision website.

Joy (left) and Dr. Amajith taking a photo with us. The girls are with their glasses off after a day's treatment.
© Edward Chen Photography

After a Day's Treatment / Exercises

Dr. Amajith assessed us again and told us that our vision has improved. The girls are freed from wearing their glasses. My wife and I could wear glasses with lower power lenses. We were told to continue the exercises at home until we are re-assessed next April and hopefully by then everyone would be free from wearing glasses.

Joy reassessed our progress again on the 4th day.

We were very fortunate to be able to be assessed by not one, but two natural vision experts during our trip to Bangkok!

Joy is quite well-known for her expertise in Bangkok. Recently she had her first book published. © Edward Chen Photography

Everyone got hold of a glass of the juice at the end of the day. :)

Address & Contact Information:

Natural Joy Vision (DS Clinic)
118/40-41 Young Place Bldg, 2nd Floors, Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Road
Klongton- Nua, Bangkok

Tel: 02-259-9594, 089-895-5658, 081-889-9339

More information about the eye clinic can be found here:

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